GAT Renewed!!!

Hey everyone… GAT has been down for a little while, but we are now back. New design on our webpage. We have some investigations planned so check back soon for pictures and hopefully evidence… We are also going on our summer vacations so check back for updates on our travels…

Webserver Back Online

We apologize for the inconvenience, but our server suffered an electrical hit and had to have the power supply replaced. Everything should be back to normal now, so let’s get hunting!

Site Updates

We will be making site updates over the next several weeks to add new content, investigations and details, etc. A few new investigations have already been added to the newly redesigned Our Investigations page, so keep checking back!

Summertime Vacations….

GAT members have been on vacation through these summer months… check back for updates and many pictures coming soon!

Last Lights @ Delamar

Yesterday we took a drive up to the Delamar ghost town to capture some photos and EVPs. Check it out here:
Delamar 2013